Monday, June 8, 2009

Hal Borland

Just started reading Hal Borland and so far I am enjoying his book. He is plain spoken and very different from Wallace. It will be fun to compare the two. In chapter two I found two sentences that stood out to me, "Crows congregate in roadside poplars and loudly discuss everything under the sun." and "I don't know why a jay can make the most harmless action look like a felony, but he can." He put words to things I know, but haven't expressed before.

I also liked the last paragraph of chapter 2 when he talks about the purpose of country roads. Do any of you have a country road that is good for walking along? I have mountain roads and they aren't the same. Cheryl


  1. Thanks for your comment. Esp like the jay quote! That encourages me to delve into the pages. I haven't been able to get going with Borland so far. Too distracted by a Sue Hubbell book on bugs!

  2. Isn't she great! Insects rock!

  3. I wonder if we should read an article from Orion to go with Borland. Contrasting the past with the present or something like that?